Basic Cardio Like Running Can Make You Better At Tango

Basic Cardio Like Running Can Make You Better At Tango

If you’re serious about dancing the tango, then you need to practice.  Even if you have the most natural talent your teacher has seen, practice is the only way to hone that talent and become the best dancer.  Some of that practice should be tango dancing, but other sports can also contribute to your ability level.  In particular, running can have a lot of overlapping benefits with tango.

Sports, Tango, And Styles Of Motion

Tango has its own sense of style and movement, but it’s a very freestyle that can change based on what music is playing and how your partner is feeling.  If you have experience with other dances like ballet or the waltz, martial arts like tai chi or taekwondo, or sports like swimming or tennis, all of that can influence the way you tango.  However, there’s one sport that has the best overlap with tango:  running.  Running helps you build up your core, your legs, and your endurance, and all three of those come in handy when you tango.

Reasons To Run

Running specifically means moving forward at high speed, faster than a jog or a walk.  It can mean sprinting as fast as you can over a short distance, or it can mean long-distance running where you pace yourself and maintain a steady speed for half an hour or more.  There are many benefits to running, and not all of them have to do with tango.  It keeps your body in good shape, it helps your bones and joints stay strong, it can improve your mental health, and it can lower your risk for diseases like heart issues, cancer, and diabetes.

Reasons To Tango

If you already know about running and get in plenty of practice, you might not know why you should add tango to your routine.  While running helps with basic body and mind health, regular tango sessions can improve your memory and concentration, your ability to adapt and improvise, and your posture.  It can also help you connect with a particular partner if you dance with the same person each time.  As an added benefit, a tango rhythm is normally slower than your resting heart rate and can have a calming effect.

Running And Tango Together

Since running and tango have so much in common (but offer different benefits), it makes sense to practice both at the same time.  After all, the skills and techniques you learn by doing one can come in handy when you switch to the other.  In both cases you should do things like relax your arms, keep your knees bent, straighten your spine, and look out instead of at your feet.

A healthy exercise routine should have a variety of exercise types.  It should include cardio along with some weight or resistance training, and practicing a sport can keep things interesting even if you never get any good at it. You should seriously consider adding tango sessions to their weekly routine to get consistent exercise and some useful variety.  Luckily, you can find a great tango studio right here.

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