How Running Can Make Us Better Tango Dancers

How Running Can Make Us Better Tango Dancers

When you are with a tango dancing partner, you can often tell by their patterns of motion what sports or other dances they did before starting tango in Boston, MA. You may even see signs of ballet, folk dance, and ballroom experience in addition to yoga, pilates, and tai chi.

One sport that is harder to identify when dancing with your partner is running. However, you can still feel that they have strong muscles around their lower back and their core, and they also know how to grab the ground when they step. They don't know anything at all about the horizontal pushing technique, but when you are dancing with them, it still feels right.

The Benefits of Running

Running in Boston is an exercise that can help you lose weight, sleep better, maintain healthy joints and bones, and can even improve your brain and cardiac functions. Along with the physical benefits, you can also find that running is an exercise that can help with depression and stress and can lower your risk for cancer or diabetes.

However, it is important to understand the difference between running and jogging. When you run, your speed needs to be above 8 km/h or even higher. When you jog, your maximum speed is typically around 6 km/h and is often referred to as intensive walking.

The Benefits of Tango

Now, let's take a closer look at the benefits we can derive from tango. It helps with our self-development, improves our posture, improves our concentration levels and memory, and helps strengthen our heart among others. It can also effectively boost our mood and provide us with a

Many tango songs also have a much slower rhythm to them which is also slower than our natural heartbeat. So, our heart adapts to the slower tempo which in turn helps us relax. It is a more than effective way of calming both the body and soul. It also helps with any neck or shoulder cramps you have as well.

Commonalities Between Running and Tango

When it comes to running and tango in Boston, MA, you need to have the right technique. There is also a bridge between the two meaning that if you improve your running, you can also improve your tango skills at the same time.

Improving Your Form

When a runner has bad form as in incorrect posture and incorrect technique then they may experience more injuries. You need to maintain a stable core and refrain from looking down. When you look down, the direction of your body goes down and your back begins to curve which can put undue pressure on your spine.

Having stable core results in avoiding sideways spine motions and provides you with much better balance. You will also want to focus on a neutral positioning of your foot to avoid any overpronation of the foot.

Above all, avoid sticking your butt out! This is considered very bad form for tango dancers and can cause lower back pain and puts pressure on your lumbar spine. It can also eventually result in spinal hernia or slipped discs.

When running, relax your shoulders, lean slightly forward, keep your fists unclenched, align your hips directly below the torso, and swing your arms back and forth instead of across the body. You should also only lift your knees slightly to achieve a more efficient stride.

You follow these tips while running and it will not only improve your running form, but it can also improve your tango skills as well.

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