How The Tango Teaches You Personal Development

How The Tango Teaches You Personal Development

There is much to be learned, gained, and experienced learning Argentine Tango. It’s more than just a dance, as Ultimate Tango provides a fully immersive experience into the heart of Argentine history and culture. While these things might be obvious “learning points” as you experience something you may have never experienced before, there are a number of lesser known personal development areas you’re like to benefit from while learning the Tango. 

5 Personal Development Skills You’ll Learn While Learning Tango 

While learning tango in Boston, MA you’ll be doing yourself a great service. You’re going to improve your physical fitness, you’re going to learn a new culture, and you’re also going to develop yourself personally in a variety of ways. 5 personal development skills you’ll learn while learning tango with Ultimate Tango are: 

  1. 1. Teamwork – Learning tango isn’t a solo experience, you’ll be working alongside your partner as a unit to learn the steps and complete the dance. Boston, MA dancers will learn how to work together as a seamless team, which is a skill they’ll take with them throughout all other facets of their lives. 

  1. 2. Problem-solving – So you’ve missed a step in your final performance, what will you do now? You and your partner can’t seem to sync together during certain steps, how will you correct it? Learning the tango is a progressive experience, and no matter where you are in the learning process, you’ll build upon your problem-solving skills. Being able to solve problems quickly and efficiently is something dancers of any age can use in their everyday lives. 

  1. 3. Self-discipline – Learning a new skill in any facet is tough, but Argentine Tango takes real dedication and discipline to master. Boston, MA students will practice self-discipline each time they progress in their learning. 

  1. 4. Confidence – Nothing makes a person feel better than working hard and seeing the fruits of that hard work. A person learning Argentine Tango will build their confidence every time they come to class, as they master new steps, learn new things, and progressively work better alongside their tango partner. 

  1. 5. Developing a thicker skin – Part of getting better is realizing where you need improvement. This level of criticism can be hurtful to some, causing them to feel discouraged and like they’d rather give up than push on. Argentine tango teaches Boston students to accept criticism and grow a thicker skin to help them to grow as a dancer and personally in their daily lives. 

Lessons That Last A Lifetime

The lessons in personal development learned at Ultimate Tango are lessons that don’t go away when the class ends for the day, they don’t go away when classes end for the year, and they don’t go away if you choose to stop learning tango altogether. These lessons remain with you for a lifetime, and provide real benefit for individuals of any age. Most importantly, these are points of personal development that occur in a fun and enriching environment for every student. 

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  • "They are professional, passionate, graceful, and true masters of their trade. They are patient and take the time to break down the steps to ensure one truly grasps and understands the motions, not just mechanically follow and repeat the steps."
    Katherine L.
  • "Ultimate Tango (UT) is a little piece of Buenos Aires in Medford Square. Hernan and Anita are the knowledgeable teachers and gracious hosts. This duo has really upped the standard of tango in the Boston area. "
    Elizabeth O.
  • "You've come to the right place for tango! The instructors are passionate and patient. I love Hernan and Anita!!! You will see progress and feel confident even after one or two lessons."
    Miryam L.
  • "I have being taking Hernan and Anita's 8 weeks course and love how they take the time to go through the mechanics of the steps. They observe each student and will correct you by dancing with you."
    Kamal M.
  • "Hernan is not only world class dancer and warm hearted human, he also has a solid knowledge in many sciences such as a reflexology, human anatomy and psychology. He applies them all in teaching!"
    Rita L.
  • "Anita and Hernan have created a rare establishment. Imagine: you take a break from your daily chores, park the car on the busy street (plenty parking available), walk down the stairs and enter their studio, a tango oasis."
    Tsachi S.