How To Learn The Correct Tango Walk

How To Learn The Correct Tango Walk

When you walk in Tango Argentino, it is like to be the man walking forward and the woman walking backward. It doesn’t have to be this way, but traditionally the man is the leading figure during a dance. There is a great deal of information to be found about walking at the leader in tango, but what about learning the correct walk to be lead? It does take two to tango, and that means it takes two walking techniques working together in order to have the most successful dance. 

Important Points Of Learning The Correct Tango Walk 

Learning the correct way to be lead in tango will take learning a few important points. Keeping these in mind is crucial to a successful partnership, and crucial to successful dances. A few important points to keep in mind are: 

  • Landing on the toe – The woman, or the individual being lead in tango, will typically be walking backwards. This means landing on the toe and rolling over the heel as they take each step. This step has the most elegant and successful look when it’s the inside of the big toe touching first, and the foot points outward but in a slightly backwards direction. Once this step and posture is nailed down, you’ll be quick to see why it’s preferred, as it’s not only elegant but the most stable standing position.
  • Don’t get too comfortable with the ball of your foot – It’s very common for those being lead in tango to use the ball of their foot during the whole dance, and this is actually the preferred technique of some professional dancers. However, when you’re learning the correct tango walk, this method is significantly more tiring and very difficult to achieve properly while wearing high heeled tango dancing shoes.
  • Use your heel – There is a reason why tango shoes for women feature a high heel. When it comes to dancing or any strenuous activity, many don’t think of high heeled shoes as the preferred type of footwear, but they help a great deal in dancing the tango. When learning your correct tango walk, it’s far more relaxing to really set the foot down to the ground via the heel. Many women find they’re amazed by just how more secure they feel dancing tango in high heeled tango shoes.

Mastering The Walk To Master Your Tango 

If you’re looking to master your tango routine, mastering the tango walk is an important part of that process. Not only will your dance look better, it’ll also feel better and more secure as you carry out your steps. Whether you’re leading or following in tango, it’s the walk that is going to take you where you need to go. With lessons that take you through all of the elements of a great tango walk, you’ll be well on your way to growing into the best tango dancer you can be. If you’re ready to learn the correct tango walk, contact us at Ultimate Tango today.

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