Why The Argentine Tango Is Good For The Elderly

Why The Argentine Tango Is Good For The Elderly

Few dances are as instantly recognizable as the tango. And in the tango world, the Argentine tango is at the top of the list of dances that are worth doing and even worth watching. This is true for anyone, but many are surprised to learn that the elderly can get some of the greatest benefits from the dance. 

Dance has long been known to offer a variety of different benefits to those engaged in it including things like improved physical health, less depression, better feeling of contentment, stronger social tools, and more. And those benefits are only enhanced when it applies to the elderly. 

If you’re not convinced, it’s worth taking a closer look at some of the main reasons that the Argentine tango is great for the elderly and their health and happiness. Taking this closer look could help show you why any elderly person should consider adding dance to their life. 

It Helps With Physical Health

Few things are as important to the lives of the elderly than regular physical activity. The Argentine tango is a low impact option that allows for older people to get active and exercise on a regular basis. Some of the main benefits on physical health include: 

  • Better cardiovascular health

  • More flexibility

  • Fights off diseases

  • Reduces arthritis pain 

  • And more 

There is even evidence to suggest that physical activity can combat issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Staying active matters, and few things can match what the argentine tango can offer in terms of this. 

It can Help With Mental Health 

Simply put, dancing can free the mind and soul. Studies have already shown that staying active can help the brain produce the chemicals that keep it happy and younger, and dancing qualifies in a big way. Plus, the combination of music, movement, and interaction with others all creates a situation that can help promote more happiness, more contentment, and more. Simply put, dancing the Argentine tango could impact the mind and happiness of the elderly. 

The Social Aspect 

The elderly often struggle with their social interactions and end up lonely. But regularly dancing the Argentine tango is one of the best options for those who feel this isolation. You are able to connect with others, dance, and more. It creates a social structure that allows the elderly to build a sense of community and gives them something to look forward to. This social aspect also helps improve mental wellbeing. 

And, the dance can also help build social skills as a whole, making it easier for dancers to interact with others whenever they encounter them. 

Dancing For Life 

Simply put, dancing the Argentine tango is one of the best things that the elderly can do for themselves. If you or a loved one wants to improve the quality of life, our team of experts can show you how to dance for a better life. Contact us at Ultimate Tango today to learn more and set up your first dance.

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