Why You Should Learn The Argentine Tango This Summer

With summer here, some people may find that they’ve got a little more time to develop themselves, get fitter, or even just have fun. If you’re thinking of taking up dance, you can do all three of these things and a whole lot more. Dancing is one of the oldest human arts, and specific dances bring different things to the table.

That’s why this summer if you’re looking for something different, dynamic, and brings you more in tune with the music and your own rhythm, we recommend learning the Argentine Tango. But what is it, and why should you learn it this summer?

The History

Like most established, older forms of tango dancing, the Argentine Tango, unsurprisingly, given the name, has its roots in 19th century Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. It has its roots in the music clubs of Buenos Aires and was not, as some other forms of dance—and even forms of tango—created in between the formal walls of ballrooms. The Argentine Tango was born in the streets.

As a result, the Argentine Tango is also one of the most adaptable and flexible of the tango dances. Tangos are, in their simplest form, “walking to the music with a partner,” but the Argentine Tango offers much versatility in this regard. Argentine Tango music can be fast or slow, passionately romantic, or tragically nostalgic. There are many ways to go with this dance. If you’re interested in learning this dance this summer, you get the following benefits.

It’s Exercise

These days, we often associate exercise with getting a membership at the gym or buying an exercise machine for the home, such as a bicycle or an elliptical machine. But the physical demands of the Argentine Tango are rigorous. Not only does it require stamina, but it also requires core strength, and will give a good cardiovascular workout if you commit to it.

You Learn Coordination

Another big benefit, one that is common to all dance, is that the Argentine Tango will teach you rhythm and coordination. It’s one thing to tap your foot to the beat of the music, but involving your whole body is something else entirely, but you can learn! Dancing involves whole-body rhythm, and this is not necessarily something that people have an inborn instinct for.

It’s Social

Finally, of course, is that, as the old saying goes, “It takes two to tango.” If you’d like to meet more people, or you’ve already got a special someone that you’d like to strengthen a bond with, the Argentine Tango is one of the best ways to reinforce your social connections. Dancing with a partner is a close, intimate activity, but it also requires cooperation and commitment. The best way to dance is to form a relationship with your partner, a close understanding of movements. All of this can be strictly matter of becoming a better dancer or forging an even stronger bond with someone you’re already close to.

If you’re looking for something to do this summer that’s fun, healthy, will give you a workout, and maybe even work out your passions and bonds with others, contact Ultimate Tango. We can get you on the dance floor today.

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