Your Tango Dress Color Is A Signal

Your Tango Dress Color Is A Signal

If you’ve already discovered the fun and the passion of the tango then you know that the tango, like all dances, has wonderful visual appeal, and, when done correctly, can make everyone stop and watch. Good dancing can be mesmerizing for everyone in the room.

However, good dancers also realize that the moves, and the skill, while important, are just one part of the overall package. A sense of theatricality is necessary for any really good tango performance, and part of that goes beyond the dance itself to the presentation. The clothing, for example, with the many possibilities for material, color, and other flourishes, can make a big difference. Color, in particular, can say and do some things for tango, but what, exactly? Let’s find out.


One of the most popular colors for tango dancers is red, and it’s easy to see why. From flowers to poetry to interior decorating, red has always been associated with heat and passion. In tango dancing, the same holds true, and is, perhaps, even more appropriate considering the nature of the dance.

Dancers who choose to go with a red tango dress are making a statement about standing out and presenting passion and sensuality. This isn’t a color for the timid, so if you plan to stand out, and you want people to notice your moves and your passion, red is a great choice.


This has always been a classic color, and in tango dancing circles, continues to maintain that appeal. Along with red, black is one of the more popular color choices in dresses. But where red tends to be associated with passion and sensuality, black is about strength.

For people that want to establish a tango mood that is more about elegance, sophistication, and power, black is usually a favorite color to wear on the floor. If you’re trying to establish your authority, and make a statement about your ability and your power while dancing, choose black to be part of that statement.


The first color choices are both serious in tone, but while passion and power can be part of the tango, all dance is also about joy and fun. For a more feminine mood, choose a lighter pink, especially if you’re interested in aspects of purity. If you want to inject a bit of passion, choose a darker, more intense shade of pink closer to the red side of the spectrum.


Blue is a calming color, and this is something can the tango can show off as well! A smooth, suave show of competence and skill. Creativity, calm and elegance are all part of the blue spectrum, so if you’re interested in a performance that sets the tone for striking dance that shows off your ability and your imagination, you might want to consider accenting the moves with a blue tango dress.

The tango is wonderful dance for anyone to learn. If you’d like to find more about how to bring the tango into your life, contact us, and let us introduce you to this fun, fascinating world. 

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